How much does a vasectomy cost at our Cornwall clinic?

OHIP covers the entire cost of no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy for Ontario residents.

We also offer online registration as an optional non-insured service for $55. If you choose online registration you will not come to the clinic until the day of your procedure, and Dr. Reddoch will call you to ensure that all questions are answered by telephone before the day of your physical exam and surgery. If you prefer not to register online you will have two appointments – first a consultation and then your procedure on a separate visit – and OHIP will cover the full cost of your procedure.

With online registration we also give you your post-surgery supplies including an athletic supporter, extra gauze, etc. so that you won’t need to stop by the pharmacy.

Please click to get started with a consultation appointment (no charge to you).

Please click here to proceed to online registration with the $55 fee and a phone consultation.

If you are not covered by OHIP please contact us for the private fee schedule. Thanks.

No Needle Anesthesia is Always Included

At Reddoch Clinics all vasectomy clients are offered no-needle anesthesia.

You will have the most comfortable vasectomy possible.

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Vasectomy Pricing with Online Registration

man35If you choose to use our online registration, a charge of $55.00 will apply to cover this non-insured administrative service, including a telephone discussion with Dr. Reddoch.

You may also choose instead to have a consultation appointment in our clinic prior to your surgery appointment. In this case the entire cost is covered by OHIP, and you can schedule a consultation now with the Consultation Request Form.

Online registration responds to your needs in two ways:

1. Your will have a single clinic visit including both a physical exam and your vasectomy surgery.

2. Post-vasectomy supplies will be provided to you at no additional cost.


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