circoncision ottawa prixReddoch Clinics is Eastern Ontario’s leading provider of infant and baby circumcisions. Circumcision is offered for boys up to the toddler stage – generally up to the age of 12 – 15 months.

Our specialized circumcision clinics are organized around the needs of baby boys and their families in order to provide the optimal infant circumcision experience at our Ottawa and Cornwall locations.

Physicians may refer their patients to Dr. Reddoch for infant circumcision; however, your doctor does not need to make a referral for you.

You can call our main booking line directly at 613-933-9997 and you can request an appointment now online as well.

If, after reviewing our website, you have questions regarding the appropriateness of circumcision for your son or any questions regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may first book a consultation for your son with Dr. Reddoch before you choose to book the circumcision.

Current 2017 Costs for Baby Circumcision

The fee for babies younger than two months of age is $300.00 including all the aftercare supplies and taxes. As the baby’s age increases, the fee increases. If your baby is older than 2 months, please ask our staff about the cost.

Circumcision is not covered by OHIP in Ontario, nor by RAMQ in Quebec. You will pay the cost of circumcision directly to Reddoch Clinics. Because the provincial health programs are not applicable, Quebec and Gatineau residents are welcome to visit Reddoch Clinics in Ottawa for baby circumcision procedures.

Please contact us anytime with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Registration Process

If you are ready to proceed please go ahead and register online for your son’s circumcision procedure.

We will contact you within a day to confirm your appointment date and time and answer your questions. After you register please download the Infant Circumcision Manual for other details of what to expect. We will provide you with a hard copy of this manual at the office.


Confirm Circumcision Cost

Questions about Circumcision Costs

Here are some common questions people have about our clinic’s circumcision costs:

Does the Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) cover infant circumcision?

Baby circumcision is not covered by Ontario public health. You will pay Reddoch Clinics directly for your child’s procedure. The price is the same whether you live in Ontario or in Quebec.

How much will it cost for circumcision?

Ontario circumcision costs for infants and babies are $300. This is the pricing at both our Ontario circumcision clinics. The same pricing applies to all clients independent of their province or country of residence or origin.

What’s the Ottawa circumcision cost?

Ottawa circumcision clinic costs are $300, and this is the same as at our Cornwall clinic. Because the infant circumcision procedure is a non-insured surgery the cost is not subsidized and all patients pay the same amount. The pricing for older boys is higher and we would be pleased to discuss your son’s situation with you.

Can Quebec residents use Reddoch Clinics circumcision services?

Yes. Because baby circumcision is not covered by public health programs in Quebec or in Ontario we are free to serve our clients from all provinces at the same price. Both Ontario and Quebec residents will pay $300 for an infant circumcision.


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