About Dr.Reddoch

circumcision-doctore-bob-reddochDr. Bob Reddoch is a well known and respected emergency department physician and educator in eastern Ontario, practising for over 25 years. He now focuses his clinic practice on Pollock Technique™ Circumcision.

Dr. Reddoch performs procedures at Reddoch Clinics in Cornwall. He does not use local hospitals because that could mean a long wait for you to have the procedure.

By setting up his own private centre, Dr. Reddoch has created a convenient situation for patients – you can have the procedure done within just days or weeks of calling the office.

Book online anytime, or call us at 613-933-9997 with your inquiry or to make an appointment. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Why Pollock Technique™ Circumcision?

Dr. Reddoch researched the various circumcision methods in use today and selected the Pollock Technique™ circumcision for Reddoch Clinics because he believes it is the most effective for circumcision for boys of all ages.

The Pollock method yields a superior result for patient and family, with minimal pain and minimal stress for parents.


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